Superior Beings was started in 2016 by Darryl Superior of Birmingham, Alabama. The brand is a mixture of culture, art and music meshed with street wear. The brand's slogan "Only God above us" is a statement created based off of the place that you should feel you are in whatever it is you do in life. The "+777" on our garments is a double entendre with strong meaning. The first meaning represents a spiritual connection and the second meaning wishes our opposition good luck going against us. Since the brand has started we have participated in New York Fashion Week's Walk Show twice and will be attending again this fall. We are currently in our Summer collection "New Vintage". The collection was inspired by the atmosphere, lifestyle and vibes that were given off while visiting California a few times over the winter. Monthly updates will be added to assure our customers a constant new look. thanks for stopping by and may your God continue to bless us all.

God Speed,

Superior Beings, +777