Superior Beings

Superior Beings born Circa 2015 is an urban clothing brand built for the the elite ONLY. Our saying "Only God is above us" and its a daily life-style. On our brand you will often see "777" which is our way of telling the nay-sayers "good luck suckah." The brand is inspired music, life lessons and variations of art on luxury cloths. Each collection is crafted with thought and designed based on inspiration from the culture. The FW17/18 collection #BlameTheFire is inspired from the hell we went threw during our "give up" phase.  Its going to be attitude, confidence, and art mixed into each garment whether its textiles or designs. Each month we will release new items as well as exclusive items. Thank you for taking the time out to check us out and shop with us. May God be with you and the only one above you.


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